Writing is like Vomiting

Writing is like vomiting,

it is

drawing out what’s been buried,

it is

revulsion at what comes up,

it is

reliving our deepest pains.

Writing is





of what’s inside.

And yet,

despite the process,

despite the discomfort,

despite the fear

of judgment,

or rejection,

despite the crippling vulnerability

of being seen as we are,

in writing

there is an unimaginable relief

in all the things

we let go.


When focused intelligence

is paired

with imaginative thinking,

we can create something novel.

Innovation transcends,

Imposing, expediting,

and ultimately, designing

the evolution of the world around us.

It is our potential for creation

that allows us

to shape, and mold our environment,

as no other life can.

Whether it be

to our enduring benefit,

or, eventually,

to our dismay.