The Major & Minor Things

The major things in life…

The sun, the moon, the ocean, the creation, the perspective, the stars, the trees, the hope, the will, the bravery, the purpose, the pursuit of happiness, the dreams, the loyalty, the acts carried out without conditions, the selflessness, the insight, the foresight, the empathy, the sympathy, the compassion, the love.

The minor things in life…

The ignorant minds, the fear, the anxiety, the loneliness, the unjust, the unfair, the material things, the money, the power, the loss, the worthlessness, the shallowness, the disagreements, the unfortunate acts of nature, the unfortunate acts of others, the hurt.



I could only be witness

To so much injustice

Before my rage consumed me,

An overwhelming, unbearable,

Festering within

And finally, breaking under its force,

I cried into the night

And across the valley you heard me,

A soul in the same despair

So we cried into the nothing together

Into the darkness,

Into the wind,

Until our voices filled the sky

And one by one we grew louder,

The rising song of defiance

Person by person,

Outrage by outrage,

Sorrow by sorrow,

Until our cry turned into a wild howl

And our howling turned into a roar